Because of sustainability and environmental friendliness, we grow our plants in natural living soil and only spoil them with the best biological agents and fertilizers that support biological life and do not damage or suppress it. This allows the plants to reach their maximum genetic potential with us.

Premium CBD

The flavorful indoor Purplecello and Limoncello flowers from Hug Cannabis
have grown naturally. They have been processed and stored in a terpene-friendly manner and are available in 5g bags for CHF 39.

In addition, a new variety is growing in our beds.

Premium Seeds

Through natural but controlled pollination we have created a new generation of genetically unique plants!

Our varieties of regular CBD seeds come from indoor plants that can reach their maximum genetic potential in our special soil.

The Premium Seeds are available in bags of 6 for CHF 49.

Where to buy?

To order, you can go to our online shop or send us an email to
or ask your favourite grow shop.

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